Profit from Innovation

In addition to the proprietary product development and commercialisation activities, AltEnergis also offers advisory services to third party clients. We work with innovators wanting to exploit their novel technology, corporates wanting access to new innovation and investors seeking the next big idea. The management team and associates of AltEnergis have both commercial deal-making experience and financial markets experience - crucial for the understanding of industry deals from both a commercial and investor perspective allowing us to specialise in this gap. AltEnergis aims to provide significant value to innovation, by carefully selecting the technologies and companies we work with to ensure the best chance of commercial success. We work with a selection of clients, encompassing a variety of sectors.


Corporates often rely on the smaller companies and innovators for technologies

We aim to work from both angles; supporting innovators to commercialise their technology through establishing corporate partnerships and also helping corporations source novel innovations. There will always be numerous routes to market for technologies, but choosing the best one is often hard. We think multi-laterally and our size and nature allows us to be flexible with our strategy and direction in order to make an innovation a success.

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    We want to ensure that AltEnergis continues to drive innovation and therefore only look to work with partners who have an understanding of their respective industry.


    AltEnergis works all across the Technology space and has a focused selection process which takes into account many factors and ensures we select the most commercially viable technologies and companies.


    We aim to work closely with the key stakeholders to determine the most suitable strategy, supporting the transaction from the development phases through ultimately until completion of a corporate partnership.


    We also look to work with select investment funds, offering a technology deal-flow proposition utilising our extensive network of innovators and can provide access to innovations that are traditionally not easily accessible.